Illustrated Children's Book

My senior capstone project began with the concept of
the sexual assault epidemic on college campuses, but it evolved into something more complex. During my research process, I realized that at the core of the issue was a poor 

understanding of consent, which is why I decided to trace that thread back to the beginning. So I chose to tackle the topic in the form of a children's book.

Although a rather touchy subject for American audiences, comprehensive sexual education programs

 have had success in many European countries. 


Starting as young as four-years old in some cases, most programs focus not on sex but rather on healthy friendships and the importance of setting and respecting boundaries.

As part of the project, I was also given a physical space
in which to display their final project. Using large-format vinyl prints, I recreated the setting of the storybook, modeling my exhibition after a library reading corner or a children's book display that might be seen in a book store. 

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